annie woods is a creative director and producer from santa cruz, california. from a very young age, she would steal the family video camera to make her own movies starring the neighborhood's signature group of latch-key kids.

after high school, annie moved to new york city to study filmmaking. she graduated from the new york film academy documentary conservatory program, where she studied under oscar-winning editors and directors.

after film school, she worked on the Obama new media campaign. her work was featured in Time Magazine and Shepard Fairey's Manifest Hope museum.

annie then took a job with Rolling Stone. she traveled to every major music festival, interviewing bands and capturing unforgettable live performances. she went on to serve as the director of online content for Rolling Stone, Us Weekly, and Men's Journal.

she then spent a year on Girl Bus Vibes: a 1,200 mile surf / road trip from santa cruz to tofino, canada for which she developed an organic instagram following and brand alliances with Yeti, Rumpl, GoPro, Guayakí Yerba Mate, FujiFilm, and more.

at Viacom, she developed imaginative original content, launching the series Hype & Influence across all social handles for VH1 and BET.

her passions include the study of organic architecture, long road trips, and fine tortilla chips.

annie lives in ojai, california.

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